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The Tibetan Plateau is known as the "Third Pole" covering 2.5 million square kilometers and makes up one quarter of the total area of China today.

It is the storehouse of freshwater and source of the earth’s eight largest river systems.

For thousands of years Tibetan farmers, nomads and semi nomads have thrived on the harsh Tibetan Plateau due to their expertise and wise decision-making on the conservation of their ecosystems and wildlife population such as the famous Yak.

The Government of TAR is helping with the protection of the fragile biodiversity of the Tibetan Plateau. But much work is still needed due to the fast modernization of China and the impact of mining, immigration and tourism. All CTTF environmental projects are coordinated to enhance the existing projects approved by TAR and PRC governments on the Tibetan Plateau at the grassroots level.



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