Nomadic Life Sustainability Project

CTTF has started the “Nomadic Life Sustainability Project” on the Tibetan Plateau with a couple of semi and full time nomad communities around the Drikung and Reting areas of Central Tibet. The Tibetan Plateau is known as the “Third Pole” covering 2.5 million square kilometers

Have a direct impact!

99% percent of the Tibetans still live on the Tibetan Plateau and they are struggling to preserve their unique identity due to the fast pace of modernization and the onslaught of cultural confusion. CTTF projects are coordinated to enhance and preserve Tibet and it's future.

CTTF supports rural Tibetan children to pursue their dreams of a higher education.

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The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation provides supplemental funding for Tibetan students, teachers and administrators on the Tibetan Plateau and the wider Himalayan region by offering learning opportunities and resources outside the standard curriculum.


The Government of TAR, PRC is improving the livelihood and secular education of the Tibetan population in Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, all CTTF projects in the field of education are coordinated to enhance existing projects approved by TAR and PRC governments on the Tibetan Plateau.


The Tibetan Plateau is known as the “Third Pole” covering 2.5 million square kilometers and makes up one quarter of the total area of China today. It is the storehouse of freshwater and source of the earth’s eight largest river systems. For thousands of years the Tibetan farmers, nomads and semi nomads have thrived on the harsh Tibetan Plateau due to their expertise and wise decision-making on the conservation of their ecosystems, wild life population such as the famous Yak.


The key to the future survival of the Tibetan culture and outcome of the Tibetan issue lies in the hands of the Tibetan population living inside Tibet. The unique Tibetan Culture has existed over four thousand years and the Tibetans are determined to protect it by adapting to the 21st century. For example, even the unique Tibetan tradition of reincarnates in Tibetan Buddhism is being questioned by practicing Tibetan Buddhist. In recent years, several prominent Tibetan sages and teachers have prohibited their reincarnations from being recognized.

Our Vision


With modern education ethnic Tibetans will be better prepared to preserve their unique cultural heritage and protect the fragile biodiversity of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayan region. They will be able to keep pace with the rapid modernization of China and India while also maintaining their identity, traditions and values.



The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation cooperates with local authorities, established government agencies, international institutions and non-profit organizations to fulfill this mission.

We follow sound business practices and ethical policies to ensure accountability for all funding received.  We will set up an endowment fund for The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation to continue its mission in the future.