We want the children of Tibet to go to school and get an education. Some of them will get a higher education. They will attend agricultural schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities and might become midwives, nurses, physicians, teachers, artists, engineers, economists, etc.

Some of them will spend a few months or years outside their communities in order to gain more experience and better their qualifications.

Most of them will return to their communities to use and pass on their knowledge – they are going to benefit their people enormously and will help to modernize Tibet and maintain its culture and heritage.

Eventually, they will contribute to improved living conditions throughout the country.


The children of Tibet are our mission. By helping them, we will help preserve their heritage and improve the well being of all the people of Tibet.

The Foundation will help the children of Tibet be healthy by supplementing their diets while in school, providing regular clinic services and ensuring adequate clothing and bedding.

We will contribute to their education by providing needed school supplies and equipment, repairing school facilities, and recognizing and rewarding teaching excellence.

The Foundation will provide scholarships to deserving students to pursue further studies in Tibet as well as other places.

For those children who pursue further education in the United States, we will find willing families to provide these students a home away from home.


The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation recognizes the enormity of its mission and seeks to work in cooperation with established government agencies, international programs and other non-profit organizations.

We will implement our mission one child at a time.

It takes $365 a year to support one child, or $1 a day.

The Trust is also cognizant of its responsibilities to the people and organizations who make donations and contribute their efforts toward our mission.

We follow sound business practices and ethical policies to ensure accountability for all funding received.