Helping Made Easy

Every time you go to a search engine on the Internet you could earn money for the Children of Tibet Trust Foundation (CTTF). How? Because Yahoo has teamed up with a charitable organization named GoodSearch that donates $0.01 each time someone uses their search engine. For example, that could mean $730 a year if 100 supporters searched the Internet just twice a day.

Here Is How It Works

  1. Go to and you should already see the Children of Tibet Trust Foundation populated below the search bar—in the “Who do You GoodSearch For?” drop-down menu below. You can make this your homepage by going to GoodSearch’s homepage FAQ page.
  2. Verify that CTTF appears in the “Who do You GoodSearch For?” box. If not, type “Children of Tibet Trust Foundation.” (Additionally, the charity number for CTTF is 815963)
  3. Verify the charity’s name; and then …
  4. Begin your Search.

GoodSearch is backed by Yahoo, so you’ll receive search results that you’re used to from a reliable source; in addition, for every search you complete, you will raise $0.01 for CTTF.

Please spread the word and E-mail your friends.
CTTF thanks you for your help!