Methods of Payment

At this time CTTF is able to receive donations via PayPal, or you may print a donation form and we can receive your donations in the form of check or credit card if you mail or fax your donation request. If you choose the latter two options, please download and print a donation form and fill it out appropriately (whether inserting credit card information or enclosing a check), and mail it to the address of the Foundation. If you would like to pay by credit card you can fax us directly at the fax number: 703-297-2222

The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation thanks you for your donation, which furthers the mission of the Foundation.

Enrollment Levels

Please select at which level you would like to support the Foundation:

NOTE: When you click on the “make a donation” button below, you will be sent directly to PayPal’s website. On the second page of the PayPal process and in order for us to send you a tax donation letter, please enter your name where it states “Type Your Name Here” and “Please share my mailing address with Children of Tibet Trust Foundation” and/or any other information you think CTTF will need to know in order to complete the tax donation letter.

$365 One Child for a Year Sponsor
$100 Friend of Children of Tibet Trust
$50 Contributor
Other (any amount of your choice)

CTTF respects and protects your privacy. We do not sell or rent your information;
especially your email address to unaffiliated, third party organizations.